Letters & Endorsements

Letter to the Editor

In the past two years, the South Windsor Town Council, led by Democrats has shown great financial leadership. Earlier this year, the council approved a fiscally responsible town budget. The budget includes only a 1.9 percent tax increase. That’s the lowest increase in 10 years.

In addition, the Democratic-led Town Council has helped the town’s older citizens stay in their homes by expanding the senior tax credit. Our hardworking volunteer firefighters are getting a financial break too, with the council’s adoption of a fire tax abatement that reduces their taxes, depending on eligibility.

South Windsor residents have more money in their pockets because Democrats have been careful with taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

Let’s keep our community on the right financial road. On Election Day, Nov. 5, join me in voting Row A, for Mayor Andrew Paterna, Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Pendleton, Erica Evans, Mary Justine Hockenberry, Cesar Lopez, and Karen Lydecker.

Dwight Johnson
South Windsor

Published in the Journal Inquirer, September 23, 2019

Letter to the Editor

I would like to see the Democrats continue to lead the South Windsor Town Council because of the way they have improved the town’s financial situation over the past two years.

Our current year’s tax increase is under 2%, which is less than many other Hartford area towns. In addition to carefully monitoring town expenses, the Democrats have managed to keep tax increases down by increasing economic development. New construction is visible across much of South Windsor, while open space objectives have never been compromised.

In addition, the Democrat-led Town Council has taken action to make sure the town’s finances are less vulnerable in the future. They have accomplished this by establishing a tax stabilization fund that can be used to maintain services and offset tax increases if there are future declines in the town’s revenue.

All of these steps taken by the Democrat-led Town Council have assured that South Windsor will continue to be both a desirable and affordable community. I would like to see that continue and, for all who agree, the best way is to vote Row A — Democratic — on Nov. 5.

Mark Abrahamson
South Windsor

Published in the Journal Inquirer, September 19, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Anyone who is paying attention is a witness to how partisan our politics have become. We have barricaded ourselves in our political bunkers, but this tribalism seems to relate more to national, state, and regional politics.

More often than not the genesis of this is a passion for a core issue or two — a woman’s right to choose, gun rights, etc. But for many of us, these issues are more philosophical, as they often don’t impact our day to day lives.

When it comes to issues that do affect our daily lives — quality schools; improved streets and roads; development that drives new tax revenue; limiting tax increases; programs that support our youth and seniors; securing open space that we can enjoy, etc. — we tend to be more politically moderate. After all, at the town level we’re all in this together — every day.

When it comes to these important local issues, South Windsor residents should know that under the leadership of the Democrat-led Town Council, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission, the progress that’s been made has been extraordinary.

We are in the midst of building all new elementary schools and have implemented new safety and security measures. Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as other well-known and respected companies, have chosen South Windsor as a place to do business. Roads and sidewalks are being added and improved, as are bike trails. The list of improvements is overwhelming. You can see more at www.southwindsordemocrats.com.

The suggestion here is that those who identify as Republican or independent should consider staying the course with our Democrat-led councils and commissions. If you like what you’ve been seeing and hearing around town, then assure that the progress continues. Vote Democratic on Nov. 5.

Paul Bernstein
South Windsor

Published in the Journal Inquirer, October 8, 2019

Letter to the Editor

The Democratic team for the Board of Education has never been stronger. There are five of us who are proudly running for election, each with different perspectives and skills that make us the right team for South Windsor’s future.

We write, as a team, to ask respectfully for your vote on Nov. 5.

The Board of Education has been successful under our leadership. We have worked with Superintendent Dr. Kate Carter and the administration, all our great teachers and staff, and many local volunteers — always in a bipartisan manner with our Republican friends and neighbors on the board.

For example, we have: built one new elementary school and are in the process of completing two more (with a referendum for a fourth and final new elementary school expected this March); we added an Elementary World Language Program; we worked to increased student and school safety; hired two new energetic leaders for our middle and high schools; and safeguarded the continued excellence of our entire school system.

With an increasing student school population, expected decreases in state education assistance, and the many complex issues in a school district like ours, the next few years will be challenging for our town and school district — but our Democratic team has shown that we can continue to meet these challenges and deliver for our students and families.

We pledge to continue to work across party lines to provide the best education we can to each of our students. We truly put our kids and schools before all politics.

For continued excellence in our South Windsor schools, please vote for the entire Democratic team on Nov. 5. Vote Row A all the way.

Craig Zimmerman
South Windsor

Published in the Journal Inquirer, October 2, 2019