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Jeff Currey

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Statement from the South Windsor Democratic Town Committee Executive Board

The South Windsor Democratic Town Committee supports those protesting peacefully around the globe in condemning the murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and countless other Black Americans all over the country. While these killings occurred far from South Windsor, the injustice has reverberated around the world and in our community.  We condemn racism and police brutality everywhere, and we state unequivocally: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As South Windsor Democrats, we are committed to speaking out and fighting against systemic and institutional racism and discrimination.  We also commit ourselves to expose and work to eliminate the disparities that have led to unequal justice and opportunity in our town, state, and country for people of color.

We all must be part of the solution. That means listening to and standing with Black Americans. It means having hard and uncomfortable conversations with friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. Racism and police violence against Black Americans exists in our country. This is not "someone else’s" problem. This is our problem.

As Democrats and citizens of the United States of America, we promise, can, and must do better. Within our community, we, as Democrats, will strive to break down racial, economic, and political barriers for people of color and people from historically marginalized groups.  We will nominate and support candidates who reflect America’s democratic values of liberty, equality, and justice for all. And once elected, we will support them as they work towards representing all members of the community, state and nation, especially those from underrepresented and marginalized groups.

While we are extremely fortunate in South Windsor to have a police department responsive to the needs of the residents, we pledge to work with them to nurture greater understanding between police and community. We also will nominate officials who will support the auditing of every level of municipal government, services, and system to ensure that systemic racism is exposed and eradicated wherever it exists in South Windsor.

2018 - 2019 Democratic Accomplishments

  1. Passed the lowest tax increase in 10 years and lowest mill rate increase in over 10 years.
  2. Passed prudent BOE budgets which fund strategic initiatives while keeping costs managed responsibly.
  3. Oversaw huge expansion of our commercial base through economic development efforts - from Coca-Cola and Costco to Aldi's and house at Evergreen Walk.
  4. Approved a Fair Housing Policy for South Windsor.
  5. Preserved 50 acres of farmland to preserve the character of our town.
  6. Created a $2 million open space fund to ensure our community is there for future generations.
  7. Fully support the renovation of Pleasant Valley School.
  8. Approved the Complete Streets project to improve intersection of Sullivan Avenue and Buckland Road.
  9. Oversaw the construction of our new Elementary Schools.
  10. Helped homeowners with crumbling foundations through tax abatements.
  11. Established the Tax Abatement program for members of the South Windsor Fire Department.
  12. Invested in our infrastructure by dedicating $15 million to roads and sidewalks.
  13. Helped create the first Solar Farm in South Windsor, with 8,500 panels generating 3.6 million KWH each year.
  14. Implemented the long-desired World Language Program in Elementary Schools.
  15. Established the Tax Stabilization Fund through town ordinance.
  16. Increased student and school safety and increased age to 21 for E-Cigarettes and tobacco.
  17. Expanded and improved the Senior Property Tax Program.
  18. Banned Fracking Waste and Oil or Natural Gas Waste.

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