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Vote Yes for Schools

Joint Statement Regarding Pleasant Valley School

From South Windsor Democratic Town Committee Chair, Tony Duarte
and South Windsor Republican Town Committee Chair, Jamie Gamble

The South Windsor Democratic and Republican Town Committees solidly stand side by side in support of the March 10th referendum on Pleasant Valley School (Phase 3 of the Board of Education’s 10-Year Plan for Elementary Schools).


We have worked cooperatively, donating both financial and volunteer support in Phases 1 (2014) and 2 (2017), and continue to do so in Phase 3 (2020). The choice of purple used by Support South Windsor Schools was chosen deliberately because it represents the non-partisan, cooperative effort between members of both political parties working together on a community cause.


The SWDTC and SWRTC urge all voters to vote YES, March 10th for a new Pleasant Valley Elementary School. Every child must be in a school held to the same safety, learning, and environmental standards. It is the right thing to do for our children and our community.

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2018 - 2019 Democratic Accomplishments

  1. Passed the lowest tax increase in 10 years and lowest mill rate increase in over 10 years.
  2. Passed prudent BOE budgets which fund strategic initiatives while keeping costs managed responsibly.
  3. Oversaw huge expansion of our commercial base through economic development efforts - from Coca-Cola and Costco to Aldi's and house at Evergreen Walk.
  4. Approved a Fair Housing Policy for South Windsor.
  5. Preserved 50 acres of farmland to preserve the character of our town.
  6. Created a $2 million open space fund to ensure our community is there for future generations.
  7. Fully support the renovation of Pleasant Valley School.
  8. Approved the Complete Streets project to improve intersection of Sullivan Avenue and Buckland Road.
  9. Oversaw the construction of our new Elementary Schools.
  10. Helped homeowners with crumbling foundations through tax abatements.
  11. Established the Tax Abatement program for members of the South Windsor Fire Department.
  12. Invested in our infrastructure by dedicating $15 million to roads and sidewalks.
  13. Helped create the first Solar Farm in South Windsor, with 8,500 panels generating 3.6 million KWH each year.
  14. Implemented the long-desired World Language Program in Elementary Schools.
  15. Established the Tax Stabilization Fund through town ordinance.
  16. Increased student and school safety and increased age to 21 for E-Cigarettes and tobacco.
  17. Expanded and improved the Senior Property Tax Program.
  18. Banned Fracking Waste and Oil or Natural Gas Waste.

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